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A lot of people rely on those closest to them for ideas when they’re interested in buying something. They trust these people because they believe that they have their best interests at heart while making recommendations. In the older days, most people simply looked at journalistic pieces meant for the consumer for recommendations, reviews, use experiences, etc. Here, a magazine like the consumer report was highly regarded as the go to paper for consumer related information.

Fast forward to today when a lot of people spend most of their money online, the survival of a magazine like the consumer report isn’t that promising. Consumers now buy online – a system that isn’t bound by borders, languages, or other barriers. One can be able to get ahead by leveraging on Internet information age to get information he or she needs to buy something.

Online review websites for example, are very important to consumers in the sense that they give them the information they need to make informed buying decisions.


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Student consumers

Students buy a lot of things on Internet- their books, study materials, essays, etc. While many of them get reviews or real customer advocacy on many e-commerce websites or sub niches, the essay writing industry doesn’t give any. Because of this, students who buy vital term papers online need a platform where they can go and read reviews before choosing an essay writing company to cater for their needs. siasuniversity.com is that platform.

Why we review essay writing companies

There are currently very many custom essay writing companies on Internet. Although many of them cut their name for themselves through consistently working to exceed their clients’ needs, there are those who don’t do much for them. We review these companies to help students find good companies as easily and as fast as possible.

How it works

We regularly ask students that’ve spend money on essays to share their experience with us. Since they share their feedback in the form of reviews, we tally and use them to come up with a list of top service providers on their behalg.

We also noticed that very few review websites had custom reviews for the companies they reviewed. We are changing this by asking some of our experts to go out and review services offered by essay writing companies. We use their feedback to write a summary review for every writing company our users have used in the past.